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Car Seat Installation/Inspection:

Home service to your place $40.00/visit
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Booster Seats

Children (10-36 kg. or 40-80 lb.) - Booster Seats

Ontario law requires the use of booster seats for children who have outgrown a child car seat but are too small for a regular seat belt. Booster seats are required for children under the age of eight, weighing 18 kg or more but less than 36 kg (40-80 lb.) and who stand less than 145 cm (4 feet-9 inches) tall.

Your child can start using a seatbelt alone once any one of the following criteria is met:

  • Your child turns 8 years old
  • Your child weighs 36 kg (80 lb.)
  • Your child is 145 cm (4 feet-9 inches) tall.

*Please note: the above are guidelines and are the law. However, some children that are 8 years old may still be tiny and fall below the 80 lb or 145 cm height. These children will still be safer when utilizing booster seats. Booster seats protect against serious injury 3 ½ times better than seatbelts alone.

Installation and use of a Booster Seat: With all booster seats it is necessary to use a lap and shoulder belt combination. Your child's head must be supported by either the top of the booster, the vehicle seat or the vehicle headrest. The shoulder belt must be across the child's chest (not the head or neck). The lap belt must be across your child's hips and not the stomach. Never use seatbelt adjusters.

Confusing?  Booster seat installation can be confusing and the law surrounding booster seat installation in Ontario requires proper installation of booster seats.  For more information please call Barry to book an appointment at 905-864-9144.

Infant Car Seat Installation

An infant or newborn baby must have sufficient protection when traveling in a vehicle. Specifically, young babies require properly installed rear-facing car seats that can safe your child's life in an emergency. The seats themselves should face the rear of the vehicle and should rest at a 45 degree angle. The seat should move no more than 2.5 cm at the anchor point (Universal Anchorage System or UAS) strap where it is routed through the car seat. The straps on the five point harness should sit at or below the baby's shoulder and an adult should not be able to fit more than one finger underneath the harness straps at the child's collarbone.

Confusing? The above does seem confusing we know. However, give us a call at 905-864-9144 and we'll install the car seat for you and show you EXACTLY how to place your child in the seat to ensure the utmost safety.

The law regarding infant car seats? The Ontario law is a minimum requirement. It's best to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. 

Toddlers - Forward Facing

When can a child start riding face forward? A child may ride in a vehicle facing the front when they are at least 9 kg (20lbs).

Once facing forward it is necessary to use a tether strap anchored to an approved anchor in your vehicle (many car manufacturers will install the anchor for free if not already present.) To prevent the car seat from moving forward and causing injury in a collision, it is important to use the tether strap exactly as the manufacturer recommends.

Installing your Forward Facing Car Seat: To install a forward facing car/child seat it is necessary to fasten the tether strap to the anchor. Once this is done use your body weight (knees on the car seat work well) to strongly tighten and fasten the strap to the UAS (Universal Anchorage System). Once installed and your child is in the seat you must ensure that the shoulder straps are at or above the child's shoulders. Straps should be snug, with only one finger width between the strap and the child's chest. Avoid using aftermarket car seat products as they can easily become projectiles or may have hard or sharp surfaces that can hurt the child in a collision.

Confusing? As with installing infant seats the installation of a forward facing seat can seem daunting (especially having to put pressure on the seat to tighten). Give Barry a call at 905-864-9144 and he'll install the car seat for you and show you EXACTLY how to place your child in the seat to ensure the utmost safety.

Ontario Child Car Seat Law

In Ontario it is the LAW that any person traveling in a vehicle be properly secured using a seat belt, car seat or booster seat.  For any child under the age of 16 it is the responsibly of the driver to ensure that all children are properly secured using approved safety restraints (car seats, booster seats or seat belts.)

The correct use and installation of child car seats and booster seats offer a significant reduction in the chance of children being hart in collisions. In Ontario many parents find themselves in the position of being unaware of the dangers associated with incorrect carseat installation. With assistance for Snug as a Bug Car Seat Installations you can be assured that your seats are properly installed and secured.

Quick Tips: Of course the number one priority is to ensure that your child(ren) are safely secured, buckled and sitting up right. For children under the age of 13 the best and safest place in a vehicle is in the back seat. By Ontario law it is the driver who is responsible to ensure all passengers under the age of 16 are secured properly. In fact, anyone transporting children must ensure that children are secured using a seat belt, car seat or booster seat.

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