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We are expanding! AGAIN!!!

on Thursday, 01 December 2016. Posted in News / Blog


Effective November 2016, Snug as a Bug Child Car Seat Installations Inc. is now available in the Niagara Region!

Our newest member of the team, Don Reid, is also a certified child car seat installer and fire service employee like Barry and Pat.  Don has recently moved into Niagara Falls and will be happy to work to keep your little ones safe and "snug as a bug".

Don can be reached at 905-341-4563

Welcome Don!!!


We are Expanding!

on Tuesday, 28 April 2015. Posted in News / Blog

Now serving Waterloo Region and ALL surrounding areas.

Snug as a Bug Child Car Seat Installations Inc. is very excited to announce that we have expanded our team.  We are pleased to introduce Pat Stevenson as the newest Snug as a Bug member.  Pat has been in the safety business for over ten years and the car seat safety business for over 5 years.  Pat’s passion for child safety comes from his years in emergency services as well as the safety of his own toddler. 

“My little guy’s adventurous nature makes sure that child safety is always front and centre in everything I do…he keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure.” 

Pat will be securing seats all around Waterloo Region as well as the surrounding area.  All you have to do is give him a call and he will set up an appointment to come to you.  Often appointments are last minute or urgent and he will do everything he can to get out to you as quickly as possible.

“…we understand that people are very busy or something has happened and they need their seat installed right away.  That’s why we come to you.  People’s lives are busy enough as it is and we want to help alleviate some of the day to day pressure.”  

Although Waterloo region will be the primary service area, Pat loves a good drive, so give him a call and he will work something out.

Pat can be reached at 519-574-SNUG(7684) or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ontario Laws

on Thursday, 21 February 2013. Posted in News / Blog

Are You Aware of the Laws Regarding Child Car Seats in Ontario?

The other day I was walking through a mall parking lot and a lady turned the corner in her car to come down my aisle. Because I had a uniform on, I suspect she thought I was an officer or something.

As she passed beside me I noticed she was leaning over the passenger side of her front seat pushing something down onto the floor. Believe it or not she was shoving a toddler down low so I couldn't see it! No car seat at all, and the child in the front seat with her! Totally shocking!

In this case the mom knew what she was doing was wrong. In my travels I have met many parents who don't know what the law states. so I felt I needed to refresh my readers on what you need to know about Ontario child car seat laws.

  • Any driver of a vehicle is responsibe to ensure that all children under the age of 16 years of age is safely and securely seat belted in the vehicle.
  • A child must be rear facing in their carrier/ car seat until one year of age AND 20 lbs. This not an either/or option. Many parents are unclear about this.
  • Once you place your child forward facing the tether strap that comes with the child seat MUST be anchored to the tether anchor provided in your vehicle. These tether anchors are found in various locations. Check your vehicle user guide to see where yours might be. The tether anchor holds the car seat from shooting forward in a collision. Are your seats correctly anchored?
  • Your child must be in a five-pont harness until 40 lbs and then they can move into a booster seat.
  • A child must stay in a booster seat  from 40 lbs to 80 lbs, 8 years of age or 4"9" tall, whichever applies first.

Following the laws of Ontario will help to ensure your child stays safe and "snug as a bug".

Gift Certificates

on Thursday, 15 March 2012. Posted in News / Blog

Makes a Great Baby Gift

If you're looking for that unique gift for your friend's baby shower, look no further. For $40 you can now purchase a gift certificate for a free Snug as a Bug car seat install. Please call or email to order your gift pack that contains a personalized letter to the new mom, Snug as a Bug literature and a coupon for a free install at their convenience, and in their own home.  

So Your Baby's on the Way

on Sunday, 12 February 2012. Posted in News / Blog

Don't leave it too late

One of the common corners that new moms and dads paint themselves into is to wait too long until they purchase or install the new child car seat. Quite often they try the install themselves and rush the process or get too frustrated.

And how about that manual that comes with the new seat. Ever tried reading through it without panic-ing? It's full of "caution" and "beware" and "danger". No wonder the moms and dads put this off for as long as they can. 

Take your time, do the job well ahead of the big day (remember, babies come when they want to; they don't always follow your schedule), and don't be afraid to ask for help dads.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in the coming weeks. 


on Saturday, 04 February 2012. Posted in News / Blog

Welcome to the Snug as a Bug Blog!

Welcome to our blog.  We will be posting frequent updates and information about the safe installation of car seats as well as Ontario news regarding the use of car seats and restraints in Ontario.

Pat Stevenson - Halton to Kitchener & GTA

Pat Stevenson is proud to provide professional car seat installation by Snug as a Bug in the Kitchener and Cambridge area.

Pat and his family
Pat & Family


Don Reid - Ancaster to Niagara Region

As of November 2016 Snug as a Bug Car Seat Installations is also serving residents of Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas.

Car Seat Installations Niagara Region

Don's daughter Tabitha with proper harness install!